Viral Video of Kacha BadamViral Video of Kacha Badam

The dancing video for the song Kacha Badam is a viral video that you have probably seen if you use the internet and are active on social media. It is unnecessary for Anjali Arora to have an identity in the modern day because she is already well-known in India because to her success with the song Kachcha Badam. He appeared in the reality series Lockup, hosted by Kangana Ranaut. He entertained his Darshan quite a bit and played a pretty nice game there as well.

Kacha Badam Viral Video
Viral Video of Kacha Badam

Anjali Arora’s dance video for the song Kachcha Badam went viral online, instantly making her a household name. Anjali Arora is currently making waves among the public once more. A few days prior, there were rumours that her private film of her with a man in an inappropriate pose had been published online. Despite the fact that Anjali Arora claimed in her statement that the purpose of the video was to discredit her, the video is linked to reality.

Kacha Badam’s viral video is currently trending on the internet.

Anjali Arora is currently the most beloved celebrity among young Indians, having amassed a massive following online in just 15 seconds with her uncut almond video. Anjali doesn’t need an identity now because she has been in the news a lot among Indian youth. People were enthralled with her performance because she was dancing so much during this song. People were moved by her waist dance and were greatly astonished by her physique in addition to her performance.

Anjali Arora may be seen dancing to the song Kachcha Badam in this video. The way she’s dancing to this song, enjoying it. Because of her extraordinary talent, this video quickly went viral online and made Anjali Arora an overnight celebrity. The video began to circulate like wildfire.

Anjali Arora’s MMS became widely popular online.

Let me tell you that Anjali Arora, the internet sensation, was once the focus of individuals. In fact, a 12-minute MMS is quickly becoming viral on the internet. Many are asserting that the girl seen in the video is who they think she is after it went viral. She is none other than Anjali Arora, the famous Kachcha Badam girl. Anjali Arora is receiving a lot of trolling after this video was made public.

Anjali Arora is purportedly seen flirting with her beau in this MMS video. This movie accidentally made its way into the internet, causing quite a stir these days. Anjali Arora MS is starting to gain popularity on the internet, and a lot of people want to view her video. Anjali Arora responded to the entire situation after some time had passed and stated that this video had nothing to do with her personal life.This is a well-thought-out plot to discredit me. Friends, what are your thoughts on this topic as a whole? Kindly leave feedback below.

Attribute Details
Name Anjali Arora
Birth Place Punjab India
Age  As per 2024, 24yr
Date of Birth 3 November1999
Education B B A Graduation
Religion Hinduism
Citizenship  Indian

Deshbandhu College New Delhi


Guru Harikishan Public School Delhi

Hometown Delhi, India



Marital Status Unmarried
Career  Actress
Anjali Arora Biography

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