Get the new Hero Passion Xtec today—it has a strong engine and low EMI in 2024!Get the new Hero Passion Xtec today—it has a strong engine and low EMI in 2024!

Hero Passion Xtec

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The Hero corporation does not want to fall behind, given the prominence of sports bikes in the Indian market. He is getting ready to introduce his new Hero Passion in this series shortly. Those who enjoy Passion bikes were the focus of this bike’s particular design. It is anticipated that Hero’s hold on the market would be further strengthened by this most recent model. This bike has several amazing features in addition to a powerful engine that uses modern technology.


Only after conducting market research has the price of Hero Passion Xtec been determined. While there can be a small variation in price among states, in Delhi, the base model costs Rs 81,300, while the most expensive option costs Rs 85,000. Thus, the pricing range for this bike in Delhi is between Rs 81,300 and Rs 85,000.

Features of Hero Passion Xtec

Features of Hero Passion Xtec
Hero Passion Xtec

Hero Passion Xtec is made even more exceptional by its numerous wonderful features. Side stand indicator, turn-by-turn navigation, projector LED headlights, Bluetooth connectivity, and SMS and phone call notifications are all included in the car. It also features dual disc brakes, a fuel indicator, and a computerized instrument cluster in addition to these. This indicates that in addition to experiencing cutting-edge technology, security has also been well considered.

Engine Power Capacity of Hero Passion Xtec

Engine Power Capacity of Hero Passion Xtec
Hero Passion Xtec

Hero has released the Hero Passion Xtec, a new version of their beloved Passion bike. This comes with a brand-new 113.2 cc engine that produces 9.89 Nm of torque and 9 horsepower. This engine can go up to 56.5 kilometers on a single liter of gasoline with a 4-speed gearbox, which offers great mileage. Its strong engine and good mileage are what set it apart!

Hero Passion Xtec specification

Feature Description
Name Hero Passion Xtec
Engine 113.2 cc
Power 9bhp
Torque 9.89 Nm
Mileage 56.5 kmpl
Price (Delhi) Rs 81,300 – Rs 85,000
EMI Rs 3,000 – Rs 5,000
Down Payment Rs 20,000
Features Side stand indicator, Turn-by-turn navigation, Projector LED headlights, Bluetooth connectivity, SMS and phone call alerts, Digital instrument cluster, Fuel indicator, Dual disc brakes

EMI Plan

This is wonderful news if you have chosen to purchase a Hero Passion Xtec due to its potent engine, exceptional mileage, and features! This bike is reasonably priced and can be delivered to your home.

Unable to raise the entire sum at this time? Not a problem! Making a down payment of ₹ 20,000 allows you to purchase your preferred bike in convenient installments of ₹ 3,000 to ₹ 5,000. You may easily put your dream bike into your garage by selecting an EMI plan!

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