Inside the Crossfire: A Border Tensions

Iran-Pakistan border became the center war and  airstrike involvement of the terrorist organization, Jaish al-Adal.

The Airstrike: Exposing the Aggression of Jaish al-Adal

The air strike which Jaish al-Adal launched. &targets selected, and the effects of their aggressive activities

Jaish al-Adal: Terror on the Border

The terrorist group of Jaish al-Adal. The history, motivations, and wider effects on the safety of the border between Iran and Pakistan

Iran-Pakistan Relations in Crisis

Iran and Pakistan's relations after the incident. What does this signify for future cooperation, and how are these neighboring countries handling the impact?

Regional Implications: A Ripple Effect

Iran-Pakistan border dispute. Recognize the ways in which international players and neighboring nations are keeping an eye on the situation and reacting to it.

The Human Cost: Personally Stories

 people who were impacted by the airstrike firsthand. Hear residents', troops', and bystanders' accounts of the terrifying events that happened right outside