Flood in Tamilnadu

In the districts of Virudhunagar, Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi, Tenkasi, and Kanyakumari, rescue operations kept going on Tuesday.

Heavy rains and severe flooding that have been occurring since Sunday in southern Tamil Nadu

Many people got stuck by the flood, including pilgrims and train passengers.

In the areas affected by flooding, senior IAS and IPS officers and many state ministers have set up camp for help.

More than 10 people dead in floods in southern districts

The Indian Army has been important in rescue providing medical treatment and evacuation of people from areas affected by flood

Over 85,000 food packets have been provided by the state government, and 7,000 people have been placed in shelters.

Also 800 train passengers got stuck at the Srivaikuntam railway station in the Thoothukudi district due to the flood. 

Chief Secretary Shiv Das Meena reports that a total of 26,500 chickens, 297 goats, 110 calves, and 26 buffaloes have also lost their lives.